Port View Park is now a portion of Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, which opened in 2004.

It sits on the Seventh Street Terminal peninsula, which was built 1965-71 from the former Southern Pacific Mole and fill from BART construction projects.

The original Port View Park opened in 1971 as a 2.5 acre public park at the western terminus of 7th St. It was the Port of Oakland's first non-commercial public-access development and featured a 60 ft. observation tower and a circular fishing pier.

1971 Configuration

The observation tower was damaged by the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake and eventually demolished.

In 1995 the park was reconfigured, enlarged to 4.5 acres, and mostly relocated to the east. The 1971 fishing pier remains.


The park now features the relocated Oakland Pier Train Tower, now providing an upper-level view room with historical displays of rail and port operations.

The western end of the park, beyond the fishing pier, is the westernmost publicly-accessible point of land in Oakland. It is somewhat less westerly than the end of the original Port View Park.