Prescott School has been a City of Oakland public elementary school (Oakland Unified School District) in West Oakland since 1869.


In 1874, the teachers included A. F. Craven, 1st grade; Miss Mary L. Kimball, 4th grade; Miss J. E. Sherman, 5th grade; Miss Louisa Graffleman, 6th grade; E. A. Stevens, 7th grade; Miss Winchester, 8th grade. 3 In June 1874, the following teachers were elected: Mr. Brier, 1st and 2nd grade, principal; Mrs. Standeford, 3rd grade and first assistant; Mrs. Craven, 4th grade; Miss Sherman, 5th grade; Miss Stevens, 6th grade; Mrs. M. V. Kingman, 7th grade; Miss Clow and Mrs. Winchester, 8th grade. 4

In 1887 the Principal of Prescott School was Douglas Fowler, and there were quite a few teachers, 19 in total, Miss Mary C. Heaton, Miss C. T. Fellows, Miss E. A. Stevens, Miss M. Rainey, Miss M. McLean, Miss Eugenie M. Burgin, Miss Lizzie Storey, Miss Mertie Burrows, Miss Annie M. Johnson, Miss Cynthia P. Seet, Miss Lizzie A. Parker, Miss Nellie R. Lynch, Miss E. Clarissa Morris, Miss Amanda M. Youngman, Mrs. Ida A. Cody, Mrs. Mary E. Hawkins, Miss Mary E. Meek, Miss Alice M. Wells, and Mrs. Narcissa J. Ashton. Mrs. Margaret Allen was the janitor.

During the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake Prescott School suffered major damages to the building.

Oakland's first African American teacher, Ida Louise Jackson, began teaching at Prescott in 1925.

Prescott School, Oakland, damaged in the 1906 EarthquakeIda Louise Jackson and class in 1944. 1


The school has been operating under the name PLACE @ Prescott (Preparatory Literary Academy of Cultural Excellence @ Prescott) since 2006, serving Kindergarten through 5th grade children.


920 Campbell Street, Oakland, California



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