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Update: As of September, 2016, the mural has been repainted, and is now the "We Got Your Back" mural.

Update: As of June 16, 2015 the mural has been repainted and now has the "Who Loves you Baby?" Mural. The top of "Do you remember?" is still partly visible.

Update: As of Jan 1, 2015, there is something on the bottom of this mural that appears to be by the original artist.

Update: As of August 9, 2014, this mural has been bombed over.

Located at 21st & Telegraph in Uptown. It reads "Do you remember? They see everything." The mural is by Fulani Carter. Painted in 2013. The mural is located on a tiny building next to the old YMCA building. This tiny building is covered in murals that get changed over fairly often.

The other side of the building has the Ray Charles mural.

photo by greenkozi, 6/16/15

photo CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 by MajorMalfunction

photo CC BY 2.0 by don sorsa

Jan 1, 2015. photo by greenkozi