Rémi Chabot (October 12, 1828 – March 29, 1890) was a businessman and the younger brother of Anthony Chabot. The brothers, together with Henry Pierce and William Pierce, decided in 1864 after an extensive investigation into options for supplying water to Alameda County, chose the San Leandro hills. They established the Contra Costa Water Company to provide water for Oakland.

Chabot married Emilie Martin (Chabot) on March 12, 1870. She was described as beautiful, gracious, and gregarious, leading a remarkable life and leaving behind a remarkable legacy in the East Bay. They had four children, Henrietta Chabot, Josephine Chabot, Catherine "Kate" Chabot (Dunn), and Clara Chabot (Bocqueraz).

In 1876 Chabot was the Superintendent of the Contra Costa Water Company, and resided at 277 - 8th Street.

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