Russell Albion "Russ" Meyer [March 21, 1922. - Sept. 18, 2004] creator of 'soft core' movies, also termed 'sexploitation' featuring and focusing on women with large breasts was born in Oakland - or San Leandro.

Life in Oakland

His mother, a nurse, and father, an Oakland police officer, split up right after he was born.

After a stint in the army during World War II in the photographic corps, "Meyer was working in Oakland, California doing industrial films for the SP railroad, working as a part-time projectionist at the fifteen-hundred-seat El Rey Burlesque Theater in Oakland, taking movie stills, and other such gigs." 1




1. Russ Meyer's Breast Early Years and a Few Sad Ones at the End.  Post by Matt Dukes Jordan.


Books about Russ Meyer

Lips, HIps, TIts, Power by Doyle Greene

Russ Meyer--The Life and Films: A Biography and a Comprehensive, Illustrated and Annotated Filmography and Bibliography by David K. Frasier.