Selma "Sal" Thomas Watts (March 21, 1940 – November 19, 2003) was a businessman with a clothing store, a record label, a night club, and more. He produced a TV show, "Sal Watts Presents", 3 and he starred in, wrote, directed the movie Solomon King in 1974.

Watts was born in 1940 in Canton, Mississippi, to Eddie Watts and Emily Showers (Watts), one of 10 children. After serving in the U.S. Army from 1958 to 1962 (honorable discharge due to an injury, which resulted in the loss of a kidney), his older brother Herman took care of him while he recuperated. His was joined in California by his first wife Marion and their children.

Watts married Belinda Belle Burton-Watts. Watts had 14 children. 1

Still trying to find out dates and locations of everything, but Watts had the following businesses:

  • Mr. Sal's Fashions (1738 Telegraph and LA)
    1975 directory
  • Sal/Wa Records (1740 Telegraph and Hollywood, CA)
  • night club/restaurant
  • ice cream shop

According to Discogs, Watts moved on from Sal/Wa Records and managed Marsel Records (possibly named for one of his daughters). 2

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