Sam (Sammuel) Washington is running as a write-in candidate for Mayor in 2014. Videos and statements of his politcal positions go here.

Green Party questionnaire sam_washington.pdf

Note: the below is provided by the campaign.


Sam Washington is comprehensively the most qualified candidate for Mayor of Oakland. As the 'Write-In' Candidate against 'Ranked Choice Voting', Sam is seeks to return to the 'simple ballot' process of each person voting for the candidate of his or her choice. The vote for our leadership should not involve a complex set of algorithms and technical processes that even the designers have trouble explaining. 'Let the people decide!' Ignore Ranked-Choice and Write 'SAM' As Your Candidate Of Choice For Mayor Of Oakland.

Sam is running for Mayor of Oakland to provide experienced, visionary leadership in uniting Oakland's two principal disparate economies making them into one vibrant and growing city. Sam will lead the drive of Oakland's growth as an independent economic engine. Sam will accelerate business and employment growth for all Oakland's 500,000 residents, provide a serious program of public safety and security for the city as whole, and will serve as the city's principal representative showcasing Oakland as an event, entertainment, and tourist center. Sam will also help restore credibility and accountability to City Of Oakland government by making the City's budget fully public, and by fully implementing “Oakland First” to drive Oakland small business growth and job creation.

Sam Washington is an executive consultant for Business & Technology Strategic Planning, and Solutions Delivery. While a consultant to many firms and organizations regionally and nationally, he principally serves as Global IT Security ManagementConsultant for Kaiser Permanente. Sam has run multi-million dollar operations, and has directly managed and supported multi-billion dollar programs and projects for federal, state, and commercial agencies.

In addition to a very diverse 30 year professional practice in business, science, and technology, Sam is committed to Northern California community and family services having built, managed, and supported social services, community services, and cultural and performing arts programs since 1985. He is a formerly certified mental health clinician whose current public service roles include life counselor, career adviser, family services consultant and performing arts director. Sam is also Volunteer Law Enforcement Support and Chaplain for the Contra Costa County Sheriff. He and his wife, Shereel live in Ivy Hill in lower East Oakland.

...A Brighter Future For A Better Oakland...

Sam Washington
Candidate - Mayor Of Oakland, California
[email protected]
505 14th St. Suite 900
Oakland, CA 94612