School is a neighborhood of Oakland.

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[sleazy ’70’s stoner voice] “Yeah, man … gonna head down to School Street and get hooked up with some brewskis …” – we heard variations on this legendary Oakland lore for years, though teetotaler me was never quite clear on what was being referenced. Supposedly, there was some notorious liquor store that would sell to minors; however, that area seems mostly residential. Can anyone shed light on whatever the heck this was about? - Mike

I'm guessing this is referring to School Market at the corner of School and Pleitner. I never tried to buy alcohol there as a minor, only as an adult. That corner also has a reputation as having been a long-time drug corner and I also never tried to buy drugs there. It appears to have cleaned up a bit but I would guess it is still possible to score there and I do know people who used to frequent the corner for that purpose in the early 2000s. The owners have cleaned up the place and have painted a mural on the side. They make an effort to have fresh fruits and vegetables, and though devout Muslims, always let me bring my dog into the store, sometimes offering him beef jerky. -gk

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