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The Senator Apartments are on Foothill Blvd. at Crosby Avenue, and opened in 1925.

NB: There was a c.1930 building called Senator Apartments at 488 - 35th Street, but it was demolished, probably for I-580. 3

The building was constructed for Mr. and Mrs. Chester E. Smith, by the California Builders Company, which handled design, financing and construction. 1 When it opened, one of the ground floor retail units was rented to Mutual Creamery stores for their latest branch. 2

It appears to have a structure added on to the roof, but that is part of the original design:

"One of the novel features of this building is a large ball room erected on the roof. A latticed roof garden with benches and tables adjoins the ballroom and provides and ideal place for afternoon teas." 1

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