You may want to share housing with other people!

Whether you are interested in living with roommates, in a cooperative or collective, or are interested in co-housing, there are many ways to find shared housing (although fewer ways to find cooperative/collective housing).

The first stop will typically be craigslist, where you can browse through the many listings that will let you know all about the intricacies of the current residents' lifestyle and political choices and the kinds of foods they grow in their garden and/or farm animals they keep. Be aware that in order to live in these places you may have to prove that you practice "intentional living" (as opposed to "going through life like a mindless animal" that the non-intentional presumably live). But do not despair! It IS possible to find people to live with on craigslist!

There are also a few Facebook groups where people post shared housing things:


But on the whole, it can be quite difficult to find affordable shared living arrangements in the East Bay, which, unfortunately, will become more and more of a problem as gentrification progresses.