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Silveira House is the large home at 4800 Park Blvd., originally built for banker and dairyman Joaquin Silveira and his family.

It was built in 1917 by R. A. McWilliams, on 1 acre of land. Silveira was to spend $20,000 building the house, and more landscaping the gardens. 2 Even the furniture made the newspapers:

"Dixon, Vettel & Cornish, 1108 East Twelfth Street, report a contract for making a set of furniture of fifteen pieces for the living room in the residence of J. A. Silveira. Ginezera [sic] wood, a hard wood from Central America, will be used. This wood gives a beautiful finish and together with the original designs to be used in the making of this set it will be as beautiful a set of furniture as can be found anywhere." 3

The wood was likely monkey wood, known as genizaro in Central America. 4

At some point it was divided into 2 or more apartments. According to Zillow, it has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and is 3,164 sq. ft. 1

CC SA-BY Our OaklandCC SA-BY Our OaklandCC SA-BY Our Oakland

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