Oakland sure does love the sportsball. There appear to be a number of sportsballs in Oakland. You can tell when there's a sportsball going on because the trains are packed with people wearing the same two jarring colors. Sometimes Oakland people travel to San Francisco to enjoy the sportsball but other times San Francisco people come to Oak Land. It is also popular for sportsball viewing to happen inside bars and private homes.


If you become trapped in a conversation with friends or coworkers and don't want to seem totally unhip to the sportsball lingo, here are some phrases you can use to demonstrate your knowledge of the sportsballs, thereby gaining group acceptance

  • I hear the home team is up against some stiff competition in their next sporting match.
  • Those sportsball officials who administer the rules sure do make calls I find unfavorable with some regularity.


The sportsballs happen in the Coliseum place that you pass when you get off BART to go to the airport and somebody tries to sell you some fake AIR BART bus tickets.

Sometimes you can see fireworks coming from somewhere East of downtown. That typically means that somewhere in sportsballland, someone had a good night.