St. Vincent's Day Home is a child development center at 1086 - 8th St. focused on those most in need: children of homeless and low-income parents. It was founded in 1911 by the Sisters of the Holy Family. Today it is independent, and is the oldest and largest child development center in Alameda County. More than 33,000 children have attended St. Vincent's over the years.

The main building was the mansion of Charles D. Haven and Laura Haven. It may have been built in 1892. 1* The home was purchased for the Sisters of the Holy Family in 1911 from Charles Haven. 3 There have been additions and new school buildings constructed since then.

A 1912 article about the planned Christmas celebration for the children notes that they had received 157 children that year. 2

1912 Sanborn excerpt **

1951 Sanborn excerpt

* The SVDH website says 1863. Possible, but that seems too early. Annalee's column says 1892, which is more believable. But the 1887-88 directory does list Charles Haven living on 8th St. between Linden and Chestnut.

** Note that although the 1912 Sanborn shows 1076 as the old address, the Havens were listed at 1074 - 8th St. in the pre-1912 directories. They lived there from 1892 to to least 1903. The 1906 directory lists James F. Lewis living at 1074 - 8th St.

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