Oakland Tribune April 1927

Sunshine Court is a group of homes built in 1927 by Pedigreed Home Builders. Each home had 4 or 5 rooms with separate garage, ranging in from $3950-$4550.  Every Sunshine Court home came with a dining room set, gas range, a Hoyt water heater, linoleum floors, curtain rods, bathroom fixtures and other time and money-saving extras.

The first six homes went on sale in May of 1927

  • 1425 Sunshine Ct.
  • 1638 Sunshine Ct.
  • 1645 Sunshine Ct.
  • 1651 Sunshine Ct.
  • 1657 Sunshine Ct.
  • 1665 Sunshine Ct.

The model home was called  "Le Petit Chateau" and was located at 1665 Sunshine Court. The home was completely furnished by Montgomery Wards.

Oakland Tribune May 1927 Oakland Tribune May 1927Oakland Tribune May 1927