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  • Installation - LocalWiki:Oakland. We need to make sure that the domain is properly configured.
  • Improving Basic User Experience - Here is a user guide for more information. What other resources are valuable, especially for new users?
    • ?
  • Seeding Content - The LocalWiki project site lists examples of other cities. Everyone: We should all study their structure and borrow elements we think work well. Personally, I like the structure of Denton.  Everyone should add a page or two about something in their neighborhood to gain experience using LocalWiki to help provide examples to new folks. You can read more about seeding content at the LocalWiki guide. Let's list our favorites:
    • Landmarks. Especially lesser-known or less-notable ones that would be questioned on Wikipedia.
  • Collaborating With Existing Organizations - Organizations like Oakland Local already have a network of people with expertise in local issues.  How can we get them (and others) involved?
  • History - Does anyone have good history books about Oakland or the Bay Area? I think it'd be awesome if we also take this opportunity to teach people about the history of the city they live in. I know I would get a lot from this.
    • Create the page Oakland History.
    • Reach out to the Oakland Public Library!!!-- Done, by Marina! Also, Victoria & Eddie met with librarian activist today (name?) and she wanted to know more about the project.
  • Designers -We should encourage designers to join the team. We're going to need a logo and designs for stickers and other swag! Anyone know of any good designers out there?-- Done! Eddie did a great logo. :)
  • Oakland Photos - We should encourage photographers to take photos (of the skyline, businesses, parks, people) and share them with Creative Commons license. Good photos are important in making the site feel clean. Does anyone have any good photos?-- UPDATE! Bike photo exploration trip in the works!

LocalWiki at Code for Oakland, July 21, 2012

  • Lets be inclusive - We want to encourage everyone to contribute, though not everyone feels like a local expert.The LocalWiki guide encourages people who feel this way to: "Make a set of 'hyperlocal'  pages all devoted to one street. Invest time into these pages, add photos, videos, make sure that [everything is correct]"
    • A major and valuable investment of time would be to aggregate all Oakland placenames, and to disambiguate with respect to different sources, i.e. Google Maps vs Open Street Maps vs Bing vs Census.
  • Documentation - Other LocalWiki launch and edit parties post their stories on theLocalWiki Guide page. We should do this whenever possible.
  • Roles and Responsibilities
    • MC - Matt Senate
    • Subject Leaders - There are many topics like: Art & Culture, Food, Shopping, Transportation, City Government, Businesses, History.

The Future

  • Planning Future Edit Parties - Code for Oakland is a great start but we need to continue updating the site. I think the best to accomplish this is to host edit parties, possibly reoccuring monthly at TechLimininal and/or Sudo Room.
    • Yes. Date and place To-Be-Decided by end of Code for Oakland 2012.
  • Storefront Glass Stickers - Other cities have used custom LocalWikistickers that store owners can put on their doors (like “Find us on LocalWiki!”). I would love to see this happen, and if people are into, it I would pay for the first round!
  • The Local Community - To ensure that the site continues to be updated, we should reach out to existing businesses, organizations, shops and encourage them to update their pages as needed. Here is a list of communities to reach out to:
    • - food trucks

          - artists

          - youth entrepreneurs

          - first friday events in oakland

          - informal/home events: ex: backyard brunch, vegan pizza wednesdays

          - informal trade networks: book exchange on piedmont

          - music: 

              - punk:http://foopee.com/punk/the-list/

              - hip hop

              - Hierogliphics Day event for Labor day: http://www.hieroday.com/

          - food justice groups

              - people's grocery

              - planting justice

          - breakdancing battle at art murmur

          - hiphop battle at art murmur

          - neighborhood associations

          - ethnic groups

          - cooperative houses

          - turfing community?

          - platform for neighborhood-based organizing

Activities for creating content and getting people involved:

  • edit parties
  • photo-taking bike parties (more specific by themes: architecture/businesses, graffiti, parks)
    • bike-related photos needed: bike shops, nature, how to lock up your bike, people and bikes in joyous harmony, bike parking, how to properly wear your helmet, bike tools (what do they look like? how do I use them?), landmarks on bike routes, bike friendly business (their facilities), 
  • documenting oakland walking tours: http://www2.oaklandnet.com/Government/o/CityAdministration/d/EconomicDevelopment/o/CulturalArtsMarketing/DOWD000366
  • oral histories of oakland (recording, uploading recordings, and transcribing oral histories) - in many languages!
  • "make an entry" game: game to have people make pages on the things that interest them: what idea would you like to find out more about? search box with a button that says "play" instead of "search"; allow people to make pages on the things that don't exist.
  • how to incorporate https://neighborland.com/oakland into the wiki?
  • add widget on homepage that shows X most recently-created pages.
  • add "contact" link to homepage or "how can i get involved"?
  • add oakland wiki to localwiki guide: https://guide.localwiki.org/search/?q=oakland , https://guide.localwiki.org/Communities DONE


Pages to make/work on:

  • Directory of Directories - Created! Youth UpRising youth are updating a youth services directory in the Youth Portal.
  • Health Care without Health Insurance
  • Forage Oakland map (modeled on the Forage Berkeley map)
  • calendar of park district programming (currently in pdfs)
  • parks
  • bike routes
  • oakland travel guides/oakland tours (all kinds of routes and tours on all kinds of topics: bike shops, taco trucks, cafes, bars, graffiti, architecture, history, bike tours, walking tours, redwoods, public art, specific histories (transportation history, black history, musical history, immigration history, historic transportation routes) etc. etc. etc.)
  • all regular AA and NA meetings (schedules, locations, etc.)
  • housing assistance guide (city and community resources)
  • disability services guide
  • public financial assistance guide (city resources)
  • food banks and soup kitchens 
  • homeless shelters/resources for the homeless
  • clinics and dental offices by languages spoken
  • hiking trails and campgrounds (http://www.bahiker.com/eastbay.html)
  • casual carpool (http://www.ridenow.org/carpool/)
  • bathrooms
  • art murmur informal and auxiliary things (documentation and listings of informal vendors, unlisted galleries, unlisted events, etc.)
  • list of homes for the elderly and assisted living homes
  • halfway houses (http://soberliving.interventionamerica.org/citydirectory.cfm?state=CA&city=Oakland)
  • recovery and treatment centers
  • second hand and thrift stores
  • services for veterans
  • services for immigrants by language
  • neighborhood cats
  • utility box photo documentation (http://www.scribd.com/fullscreen/94620791)
  • affordable child care options
  • dispensaries (http://www.oaklandcannabisclubs.com/directory/)
  • directory of local producers (coffee, clothing, etc.)
  • local media
  • publicly-traded companies headquartered in oakland (this is all companies, not just public ones: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Companies_based_in_Oakland,_California)
  • birds of lake merritt
  • foreclosure map?
  • psychics map with photos of neon signs (preferably at night)
  • Beautiful Oakland a la https://scruzwiki.org/Beautiful_Santa_Cruz
  • Directory of Sober Living resources for the area

Inspiration, Ideas from other Cities, Resources, Things to think about:

From Asheville wiki: info that we received from Socrata about the most popular data sets from the open data portals that they have developed:

  1.  Crime Data: showing what happened, where and when | Examples: http://data.cityofchicago.org/Public-Safety/Crime-Map-2012/bj7p-98q2
  2. Restaurant Inspections: NYT App: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/dining/new-york-health-department-restaurant-ratings-map.html
  3. Permits and Licenses: by type, location, date | several examples here: http://data.seattle.gov/browse?q=permit&sortBy=relevance 
  4. 311 Data, current and historical: Example: https://data.sfgov.org/Service-Requests-311-/90-Day-Cases-by-District/tqh6-kxg9
  5. Zoning Data: School zones, police and fire, residential vs business...etc. (preferably as boundaries on Socrata Atlas)
  6. Property Tax Data: Should be geocoded, but this would be a good start: https://data.baltimorecity.gov/Financial/Real-Property-Taxes/27w9-urtv
  7. The Location of All City Resources on one interactive map | Something like this: https://datacatalog.cookcountyil.gov/Economic-Development/Facilities-Management-Find-it-Fast-Cook-County-Pub/i78h-ns4q
  8. Business Listings: https://data.sfgov.org/Business-and-Economic-Development/Active-Businesses/s2fn-65hq
  9. Financial Transparency Data - Multiple datastes here: Budget, expenditures, revenues, city contracts. Example: http://data.seattle.gov/browse?Data-Owner_Owner=City+Budget+Office&sortBy=relevanc
  10. Performance Metrics: something as simple as http://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/narr/foia/key_performance_indicators0/city_management_benchmarks.html  
  11. + Any data that supports your city's top initiatives and commitments.

The Chicago portal at data.cityofchicago.org  allows you to sort their datasets by number of times accessed - lots of good ideas here.