Not to be confused with the “Solid Six” on the Oakland City Council in the 1890s.

The “Solid Six” were a group of young women who were wards of Borax and Mollie Smith, and assisted the Smiths with their extensive charitable works for the Oakland community.

Their names were:

  • Anna Mae Burdge (18??–19??) – later Mrs. Walter Cole.
  • Sarah Winifred Burdge (18??–19??) – later Mrs. Bernard Miller.
  • Evelyn Ellis (1877–1957) – later Mrs. F.M. Smith.
  • Florence Nightingale (18??–19??) – later Mrs. ___
  • Marion Francis Smith (1883–19??) – later Mrs. Roland Oliver.
  • Charlotte Grace Sperry (18??–19??) – later Mrs. ___

Some of the cottages in the Mary Smith Home for Friendless Girls were named for them.

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