Bellevue Club
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The Bellevue Club is (soon to be was) a private, members only club "on the shores of Lake Merritt since 1929." Previous to its current name, the Beaux Arts style club was the Women's Athletic Club of Alameda County.

The building was designed by the architectural firm of Roeth & Bangs, after the club was incorporated on March 19, 1926. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and is part of the Bellevue Staten Historic Preservation District. It is also listed on the California Register of Historical Resources.

The club was unable to survive the COVID pandemic, and in 2021 was sold to the owners of SF-based social club The Battery. 1


525 Bellevue Avenue, Oakland, California




photo CC SA-BY-NC by Our Oaklandphoto CC SA-BY-NC by Our Oaklandphoto CC SA-BY-NC by Our Oakland

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