San Francisco Call June 16, 1897 5

The Hermitage (or Hermitage House) was (circa 1890) a somewhat infamous club in what is now the Dimond. Owned by Leon Faure, it was one of several drinking establishments in the area at the time. Others included the Neckhaus Gardens, Bauerhofer’s, and Tepper’s Beer Garden.

‘Gentlemen’ were picked up and discreetly transported there, to be entertained by “French dancing girls”. But more average people went to the Hermitage, too, like the Sight-Seers Club of San Francisco. 1 The grounds included a two-story structure at the corner of Fruitvale Avenue and Hopkins (now MacArthur), and a smaller house in the yard behind.

In 1893, The Hermitage was owned by the Taylor brothers, Billy and ?. 9

After battling the local temperance movement, the authorities and losing his license 4, owner Leon Faure closed the club in 1902. 2 Fred C. Schnarr tried to reopen it in 1903, but his license application was denied. 3,6 Leading the fight against the local saloons was Reverend Franklin Rhoda. One resident who supported (or at least, didn’t oppose) the re-opening was Joaquin Miller. 7

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