Drawing by Charles Williams circa 1926

In 1926 the First Presbyterian Church of Oakland approved the plans to build a Bible School in the Montclair District of Oakland. The building was to cost about $25,000. It became necessary due that they had outgrown the temporary accommodations at Montclair Grammar School. They grew from seven children in January to eighty in July.

In June of 1927, it was announced that the school would be open for four weeks during summer vacation.

The 1920s showed significant growth in Montclair and the bible school started having Sunday services for the residents of the area.   They held Easter Services up on Skyline Dr and festive Christmas services.

Oakland Tribune Jan 1927

In 1930 Montclair Presbyterian Church was organized with 90 Charter Members.  In 1938 they built a new Chapel in front of the bible school building . The Chapel was replaced in the mid 60s with the present day buildings.