Timeless Coffee Roasters & Bakery is a moderately sized third wave coffee shop in the Piedmont Avenue neighborhood showcasing their own coffee and a variety of delicious sweets. Everything is vegan.

Espresso drinks are available straight or with water (Americano), ice (Iced Espresso), soy/almond milk (Macchiato/Latte/Cappuccino).

Cold Brew coffee is cut with soy/almond milk and ice.

Baked goods are all vegan, and include cookies, cupcakes,

Lunch is served throughout the week, and is usually some type of vegan comfort food.

Sunday Brunch is their busiest time because their rotating vegan brunch is hard to beat (for example: chicken and waffles, eggs benedict)

The best way to find out what they're serving today for lunch or Sunday for brunch is to check their instagram.

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4525 Piedmont Ave.
(510) 985-1360

timelesscoffee on instagram
[email protected]
Official website (does not have a lot of content)

Owner team previously worked with Sightglass Coffee and Café Gratitude.

In 2013, they successfully crowdsourced the purchase of roaster.  Prior to that, they were brewing their own beans.