Tremont House was a residential hotel c.1876-1884. The 1876 directory lists it at 53 San Pablo Ave.; the 1877 directory lists it at 1311 San Pablo Ave. By 1887, it was known as Golden Eagle House and appears in directories through 1906.

In 1876, it was run by Thomas F. Towle. Residents included:

  • John R. Adams. bridge superintendent for CPRR
  • Samuel Bell, mail agent for CPRR
  • Charles Blair, commercial agent
  • James W. Boyer, clerk (SF)
  • Mrs. Margaret Dunn
  • Mrs. M. J. Farrington
  • Miss _ Herbert, seamstress
  • W.B. Merrill, brickmaker
  • Thomas S. Towle, broker (SF)
  • C.F. Wood, mail agent for CPRR
  • Mrs. Laura Wright

1889 Sanborn map (public domain)In 1877, it was run by Mrs S. E. Atkinson and Miss M.C. Perkins. Besides the proprietors, residents included:

  • Bernard Allen, carpenter

  • John W. Atkinson
  • John Hansa, carpenter
  • Mrs. Asa W. Hebberd, dress and cloak maker
  • Mrs. E. Switzer, dressmaker
  • P. T. Twogood, grain dealer
  • D. Yerxa, painter

In 1880, it was run by Berthold Gerhard. In 1884, no proprietor is listed.

By 1887, it was known as Golden Eagle House or Golden Eagle Lodging House, Charles Jurgens, proprietor. In 1889, Mrs. E. H. Ranlett was the proprietor. In 1892, Mrs. Lucretia and Mrs L. Williams were the proprietors.

By 1902, the street renumbering had changed the address to 213 San Pablo Ave. In the 1909 directory, I can't find a name for the house, but it is still listed as an address for various people.

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