Trivia night is fun. If a place you know hosts trivia night, tag it "trivia night" and watch it show up here! 

If you know somewhere that hosts trivia night and it doesn't have a page, make one! Then tag it "trivia night" and it will show up here.

Pages tagged “trivia night”

The Alley, Monday nights at 7 pm

Portal, Monday nights at 7:00 pm

Cato's Ale House, Monday nights at 7:30 pm

Rosenblum Cellars, Tuesday nights at 5:30 pm

The Good Hop, Tuesday nights at 7:30 pm

Mad Oak, Tuesday nights at 7:30 pm

Ben and Nick’s, Tuesday nights at 8:30 pm

Seawolf Public House, Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm

Room 389, Wednesday nights at 7:30 pm

The Terrace, Wednesday nights at 7:30 pm

The New Parkway, Thursday nights at 7:30 pm

Beer Baron (Oakland), Monday nights at 6:30 pm

Buck Wild Brewing, Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm

Daily Californian suggestions for trivia in Berkeley,  (Triple Rock Wednesday, Kip's Tuesday, Albatross Sunday, Bobby G's Wednesday)