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Warrior Man, aka Lloyd Canamore, is an Oakland resident noted for his house in Hoover-Foster on 35th Street, painted in bright Warriors colors. While many people were familiar with the house, it wasn't until Canamore faced losing it that more people became aware of him as a person,

Canamore's mother Clemmie owned the house, and near the end of her life, took out an ill-advised reverse mortgage. Following her death in 2019, the bank demanded the house if Canamore couldn't pay off the loan immediately. He was in danger of losing the house until a neighbor started a GoFundMe, and that took off after Steph Curry heard about it and publicized the issue.

In November 2022, after a hoped-for donation fell through, Canamore was again faced with losing the home. 1


According to Canamore in April 2023, he again has a place to live, though no longer in Hoover-Foster.

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