William Metcalf (March 14, 1826 - December 28, 1897), the father of Congressman Victor H. Metcalf, was an Oakland businessman and capitalist who began his career as an architect.

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Metcalf lived in what was described as a "beautiful residence" at Vernon Avenue and College Way. In the same Claremont area he was neighbors with John C. Ainsworth, George J. Ainsworth and J. Ross Browne. [Question: Is Metcalf's house still there? If so, what is the current address?] [ Connecting the dots, NAParish noted that Chabot used to be 59th which used to be Vernon, and intersects College. Go to Old Oakland map and find Chabot and College in present day. Then switch to 1877. Doesn't give you an address, but shows you where Vernon was. -Gene]

He married Sarah Pollard Hardcastle on _________, and together they had at least five children: Jane Pollard Metcalf Robson (1848 - 1944), William James Metcalf (1851 - 1927), Victor Howard Metcalf (1853 - 1936), Sarah Caroline Metcalf Lodge (1861 - 1940), and Percy H. Metcalf (1865 - 1888).

William Metcalf is buried, along with members of his family, in Plot 27 of Mountain View Cemetery.

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