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Bishop William Taylor (May 2, 1821 – May 18, 1902) was a missionary bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church known as the "bishop of Africa", and is the namesake of Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church.

Taylor married Isabella Anne Kimberlin (Taylor) (1825 – 1905), and they had 4 sons:

  • M.S. Taylor - city recorder of Alameda
  • Edward Kimberlin (E.K.) Taylor - California state senator; later first mayor of Alameda 5
  • Ross Taylor - reverend
  • Henry Reed (H.R.) Taylor - newspaperman

Death, Burial, and Legacy

Taylor died May 18, 1902, in Palo Alto, at the home of one of his sons, Rev. Ross Taylor. 4 He was buried in Mountain View Cemetery, where a large stone monument with an inscribed plaque marks his grave. His grave is United Methodist Historic Site #16.

  • Another of Taylor's sons, E.K. Taylor, donated for the construction of the first church building for the congregation of what is now Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church. He asked that the church be named for his late father.
  • Taylor University in Upland, IN, founded in 1846, is also named for Taylor. The class of 1959 placed a plaque at Taylor's grave site.
  • Bishop Taylor is the namesake for the "Bishop's Walk" trail in Joaquin Miller Park7

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