All kinds of yellers hollerin' and hootin' 'round the town.  Some have beefs, some have obsessions.

name location beef/obsession
The Mad Walker Lake Merritt Rosy-ass bitches. All Y'all.
The Green Ford Ranger 51st and Telly, 40th in E-Ville Just likes to yell.
San Pablo Stomper San Pablo Avenue Yelling enthusiast.
Grand Cardboard Kicker West Grand Hates cardboard, beards.
Hallelujah Man Dimond Yeshua is king!
Dirty Pussy Lady Broadway & 19th (Presumed retired) Screams at all passers "bitch, yo pussy stank."
Abusive Couple Piedmont Ave area Homeless guy yells abuse at his girlfriend

Jesus Hates Gays

Broadway & 12th Tells everyone very loudly that Jesus is gonna murder all the gays
Mailslot Lover Webster & 15th Yelling that takes on a sing-song type effect. Occasionally stuffs a sweater in the mailslot and makes love to it while yelling.
Gene Hazzard City Hall Mostly about Phil Tagami and/or the Army Base
get a car Foothill & E 5th Motorist who thinks bicyclists should get a car