Cafe Dareye is an injera supply store, Ethiopian food supply store, and purveyor of extremely excellent vegetarian take-out Ethiopian food. Located at 2504 Telegraph Ave. (on Telegraph, immediately north of 25th St., on the East side of the street) in the Waverly neighborhood (although you may know this area by its well-branded and well-promoted new name KONO), you can find amazing injera, lots of bulk dry Ethiopian goods, and the aforementioned veggie combo. Dareye is open late (at least until 9 - need better clarification).


2504 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, California 94612



This editor finds the injera at Cafe Dareye to be the best thus tasted in Oakland, with none of the unfortunate extremely sour and rubbery elements of lesser injeras.

Raw Coffee Beans 

This is also a great spot to buy bulk green coffee beans. 

Veggie Combo

For $9.75 (tax included - up from 8<when?>), you will receive a takeout container that includes two glorious injeras one of which contains misir wot, shiro wot, gomen, salad, buticha and a whole jalapeno stuffed with tomatoes and onions (all vegan). This is the only dish served at Dareye and it is only sold takeout.

No, you cannot order prepared Shiro, but you can by the dried mix to make it at home.

Popping corn

Goes well with coffee.