Local history editathon #2 took place on Sunday, January 20th in the Oakland History Room.  Below are some highlights of the event...

Pages created and updated

ALL in North Oakland will be affected by BARTD!!! (Courtesy the Oakland History Room, Oakland Public Library)

Topics researched

Cool stuff in Oakland History

  • ...nothing :|     JUST KIDDING! Please add something here! 

Highlights, Ideas, Suggestions...

What were some of today's highlights? How could the editathon have been better? Do you have a suggestion for a future editathon host? We are currently looking into organizing an event at the other special collections libraries of the Oakland Public Library, as well as the Oakland Museum of California. For more on that, see our 2013 Planning Notes.

  • Local street murals blogger Lauren visited and is working on a project to get her followers to begin contributing images to Oakland Wiki!