352 - 13th St. (1884-1886) 1

J.W. Tucker and Sons was a painting company in the 1880s, run by Josiah W. Tucker, and his sons, William Wadsworth Tucker and Charles A. Tucker.

They moved the business a lot. Josiah declared insolvency in 1887, 5 and died in 1889, 2 and William ran W.W. Tucker Company. 3

Josiah, William, and Charles are buried together in plot 1 at Mountain View Cemetery. 4

Note that there were other J.W Tuckers around then, including John W. Tucker who was involved in street cars and was a school trustee, and there was a J.W. Tucker jewelry store in San Francisco.

1889 Sanborn

Dates Location
-1881 616 - 18th St.
Nov. 1881 1802 San Pablo Ave.
1884 363 - 13th St.
Aug. 1884 352 - 13th St.
Dec. 1886 1118 Franklin (nr. 13th)

1884-1885 directory
December 1885 ad
1887 directory

Dennis Evanosky's East Bay Then and Now describes the photo as 14th and Webster, but that is too far from the narrow gauge railroad to fit with the photo. Another copy of the photo 6 suggests near 12th and Franklin, which would fit (there's even a 352 - 12th St. in the 1889 Sanborn map), but no directory listings or newspaper ads show that address for J.W. Tucker. That source also says "Men are identified as Bailey, W.A. Knowles, W.J. Tucker, W.J. Oakes, J.W. Tucker and Albert Tucker." 6 Presumably W.J. Tucker should be W.W. Tucker, and maybe Albert Tucker is Charles (Albert?) Tucker.

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