New location!
4799 Shattuck Avenue (near Creative Reuse) [see instructions below]

Sudo Room is a hackerspace & creative community that has open membership, and is non-hierarchical and collaborative. We are all types: tech developers, citizen scientists, activists, artists, and all combinations in between and beyond. But most importantly: we are all human beings interested in and working towards positive social change. Our goal is to be an inclusive, community hackerspace in North Oakland!

Anyone is welcome at Sudo Room - whether or not they are members, "technical" or "not-super-duper technical," and whether or not they know what they want to explore or learn. Are you a human? You belong! We work together, help each other, and are all learning.

To access sudoroom

Get to the Omni

  • via BART: get to MacArthur BART Station and walk east to Telegraph and turn left, walk until Shattuck forks to the left, until you reach 48th St. 
  • via AC Transit lines 1, 1R, 57, 12, and 18 are nearby to sudo room.
  • via bike...

Get to sudoroom from the Omni:

Enter through the front door, if the door is closed, ring the bell up and to your right (cc-by jarios)Head to the end of the room you are in which should be a mirrored bar room (cc-by jarios)
When you get to the hallway, turn left and you'll see sudoroom (back half of the large room) (cc-by jarios)

Have you considered dropping by?

Sudo Room, when it was at 2141 Broadway - source kkrPutting up the sudo room sign in Nov. 2012 (made on our CNC router) (by mk30)Sudo Room was first located in a tiny tiny room at 2135 Broadway, and then at 2141 Broadway. In July of 2014, it moved to The Omni, at 4799 Shattuck.


There are loads of events!


no big deal, kids making sudo mate. sourceWe work on all kinds of stuff. Here are the few ongoing projects that some members are working on.Listening to mantras with blinky lights. (by mk30)


Our Type A Machines 3D printer. (by mk30)

Learn more about the sudo room inventory system here!

When Sudo Room goes to Art Murmur

Made during Draw Oakland (this happened simultaneously!) (CC0)

Details, etc.



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News & External Links

First space (until Nov. 9th, 2012): 2135 Broadway

Outside Sudo Room, 2012-9

During theOutside the room. summer and fall of 2012, visitors to sudo room were forgiven for confusing it with a psychic palm reading business.


It was literally a room -- a tiny, tiny room.  There was some common space in the area, though:  tables, outlets, wifi, etc.