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Ocean View Location Ocean View Va Norfolk Website: schools.nps.k12.va.us/mhs History Ocean View is located at the end of Granby Street and intercepts at ocean view drive. Ocean view consist of two parts, The Views and The Bays. Over the years ocean view has had many diffent past like an amusement park and even private beaches? Ocean view was formally known for its Amusement part that drove travick to the area for many years. The amusements park consisted of five roller coasters. All Roller-coaster were made of wood. The park was tragically burned down and was the inspiration to a movie The Death of Ocean View Park. Today the area is a shopping and beach housing. The board walk consist of a provilion that during the summer has a local concert and show on Fridays. The Marry Pretlow library located in the middle of the area is home of the Ocean View Musumen co some of the local teachers and shops that were during the areas “heyday”. Further down from the main area is marina close by for thowees of you who have a boat. And is located by one of the state’s largest military bases. The area also has a VFW (Veterans of Forging wars) in which many groups hold birthday parts and group meetings. All in a small area that is only consisted of about Fifteen miles of beach. Within that is about ten neighborhood with about four recreation centers and a local pool. The area is sustained mostly of small business and shop. These shops hold a annual art show that allows people to display the history of the area and what Is to come. The winners get a certificate and a chance to have their picture put up in the one of the city’s libraries. Ocean view a peaceful and active community of beach lovers. http://rcdb.com/5331.htm http://www.norfolkpubliclibrary.org/about-npl/advanced-components/search?q=Maury http://schools.nps.k12.va.us/mhs/about-us/ http://schools.nps.k12.va.us/mhs/ http://www.usnews.com/education/best-high-schools/virginia/districts/norfolk-city-public-schools/matthew-fontaine-maury-high-20556 http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=ocean+view+norfolk+va&view=detailv2&id=21245D1A33982A8F3D29F8DFF8E095BF3025B8ED&selectedindex=17&ccid=6meScUZw&simid=608012652316002137&thid=OIP.Mea6792714670af1b9564d79da87e1579o0&mode=overlay&first=1 http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=ocean+view+norfolk+va&view=detailv2&id=E14C623446D986A161899C6C4732434D1EA4E58E&selectedindex=2&ccid=QjUp1Cjs&simid=608026048325027008&thid=OIP.M423529d428ec36db4e0d92b2d71d4a9do0&mode=overlay&first=1

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