There are a lot of bands and musicians that are currently in Olympia or that have lived in Olympia in the past.


Abusive Consumer [WWW] or [WWW]

Adventure .


Baker London [email protected]

Basketball Charles [email protected] [WWW]

Bees Knee 360 866 4257 (chris)

Ben Kamen [email protected] [WWW] [WWW]

Best F-Tigers Forever Text 360-545-3574 or [email protected]

Bill Skin’s 5th Will Punch You Right in the Face [email protected]

Black Bettie (all female Black Sabbath tribute band)

Bob Schwenkler [email protected]

Bottled Agression

Broken Water [email protected]

Bullets Make Her Blush [WWW][WWW][WWW]

Calvin Johnson [email protected]

Camp Wisdom


Christopher Francis [email protected]

Chuck West [WWW]

Chung Antique [email protected] [WWW]

Ciel [email protected]

Coiler .

Collective Love Unlimited, collectiveloveunlim[email protected]

Cool Scool

Dead White E-mail: [email protected]

Dan Raymond

Drone Machine,, [email protected]

eleanor murray

Engine [WWW][email protected]

Fall of Electricity [email protected]

Generifus[email protected]

Gumar and His Magical Midi Band


Hot Rush

Humans Music

Insubordinate [email protected]

Jenny Jenkins [email protected]

Joey Casio [email protected],

June Bug

June Madrona [email protected]


L.A.K.E. 360 753-4261

Legs the Crab

Letters [email protected]

Derek M Johnson  [email protected]

Margy Pepper [WWW] [email protected]

Matt Friedly [WWW] [email protected]

Mercurial [WWW]

Meowtain [email protected]

Mike Mercker

Moon Runners

Moustaches [email protected] | [email protected]

no body / [email protected]


Nudity [email protected]

One Nation Undereducated [WWW] [email protected]

Onyx of Olympia [email protected]

Outdoor Voices


Pandora's Prism

Paris McClusky [email protected]

Paul Mauer -, [email protected]

Peaches : breaches

Prairie Bastards

Razors and Red Flags,

Reverend Of Distaste

Robin Cutler

Rodeo Kill,

Romanteek [email protected]

Saints of Everyday Failures

Sclerotia [email protected]

Scream Club [email protected]

Sedan [email protected]

Singers Japan [email protected]

Sisters [email protected]


Southern Skies [email protected]

Spider and the Webs

Sun Chalk

Sundance Kids, [email protected] 360 292-3233

SunnDagger [email protected]


The Dirty Birds

The Drug Purse [WWW]

The Hail Seizures [email protected]

The Horse Thieves [email protected]

The Light Year [email protected] (plays acoustic and electric)

The Old Haunts [email protected]

The Pasties [email protected]

The Winning Lasses [email protected]

Thought Bandit [email protected]

Tim Curry Bear 360 292-3233


Two Ton Boa [email protected]

White Wards

Wide Eye Panic [WWW] [WWW]

Wisdom Teeth

Wolves in the Throne Room

Z Kamp [WWW]