Newspapers/Regularly Published Zines

The Olympian - The big daily paper for Olympia. Covers Lacey and Tumwater too. Been around, really, since the late 1800's. 1

Weekly Volcano - An alternative paper covering Tacoma and Olympia. Print edition published weekly. Web edition is here.

Works in Progress - A progressive paper published monthly. "Works In Progress is dedicated to providing a voice for those most affected by the exclusionary and unfair practices that seek to silence the oppressed." 2 All content is written by volunteers and take/encourage submissions. 

Cooper Point Journal - Student run newspaper of The Evergreen State College. They ended the print edition in 2011 to be only on the web.



KAOS 89.3 FM - Community radio based at TESC.



Civic/Politically Minded Stuff

Olympia Time

Peace is Possible!

Olympia Views

Notes On the State of Olympia


Community and/or Organization Blogs

OlyMEGA (OlyWiki page)

Olyblog -

Olympia Dumpster Divers





Citations "On February 16, 1889 it became a daily paper called The Daily Olympian..." Taken from their Mission Statement.