2009 Statements & Goals

Graham Freeman ( [WWW]résumé )

I'm excited to serve on the board of directors for Wiki Spot, and I look forward to helping to work toward the following:

  • Defining and implementing a governance mechanism that gives equal voice to all Wiki Spot stakeholders

  • Building a board that is more reflective of the diversity of the communities whose wikis are hosted at Wiki Spot

  • Defining measurable goals for Wiki Spot

  • Creating and executing a fundraising plan that shares the load equally amongst all stakeholders

  • Identifying and implementing legal protections in support of free speech appropriate for community wikis

  • Drafting and implementing a plan for a robust technical infrastructure that protects against single points of failure

  • Drafting and beginning to implement a plan for appropriate staffing of Wiki Spot, using an appropriate mix of volunteer, contract, and staff positions.

To that end, I intend to stand for Chair, Vice-Chair, or a similar position on the Wiki Spot Board of Directors.

Philip Neustrom

I'm primarily interested in improving the technological infrastructure of Wiki Spot. We will have trouble improving without a good organizational base. This means fundraising, outreach and fundraising. There's so much we need to invest in — staff, new hardware, outreach spending — and we have a lot of untapped potential (we've not fundraised since the formation of wikispot.org).

As Executive Director, I see my role as the liaison between the board (long-term planning, fundraising) and the day-to-day operations. But some of my hopes for this upcoming year, non-board related, are:

  • More active maintenance and development of our codebase.

  • Switch-over to our GUI editor.

  • Implement semantic wiki features.

  • Improve basics of our systems infrastructure: replication, handless backups. This requires funds.

Board related:

  • Help us run a successful 2009 fundraiser that hits or exceeds our fundraising targets.

  • Help the board and organization reach a state of cohesiveness where I could disappear and things would not entirely explode.

See also: Contact

Arlen Abraham

I would like to see Wiki Spot's accessability improve during my term on the board. The most pertinent need is for a GUI editor, but I would like to explore other ways to improve the user experience.

Other interested parties

At the board meeting on 24 Jan 09, the following people expressed interest in serving on the board:

Ashley Hamidi

William Lewis