No set agenda.



  • Mike Ivanov

  • William Lewis

  • Graham Freeman

  • Evan Edwards

  • Arlen Abraham

  • Philip Neustrom

  • Stephanie Smith

3:03 - Meeting begins

Graham asked if anybody has any objectiosn to Stephanie being present. None are presented, Graham acknowledges that there is no agenda.

3:04 - Graham asks Philip to present Executive report.

Philip mentions we are past due for an election.

Elizabeth Stark - has a conflict for call, but is interested in board. Philip spoke to Elizabeth and Phoebe Ayers. Concern about too much overlap with Phoebe Ayers. Evan asked if anybody was concerned about conflict, Graham voiced no concern, Evan agreed no concern.

Stephanie will coordinate a meeting for the "next week or so".

3:10 - Philip presents report (2011-11-7-report.pdf)

  • Sydney - good movement initially, nothing in last couple weeks, Philip will readdress once Denton launch is done.

  • Triangle (NC) - Active group of a bit over a dozen core editors. Not much content, focused on planning. Philip has been urging content development. They will use a splash page to send to a bunch of people.

  • Conway - In person meetups, around 15 people.

  • SF - Not much movement at all. Berkeley Journalism School students - work on Local Wiki as part of Mission Local.

  • PCT - Good start, contractor left, stalled and concerned about what they are going to do technically[?]

  • Denton - Usability is great - Philip spent two weeks there, watching people use it. Believes it will have a "huge impact on the community". Every night had 5 to 7 people hang out with him and Richard (Denton spearhead). People are "Really, really excited". PN views main task as getting a larger number of people involved.

3:22 - Redesign of by Friday or Monday next week. Wants to make LW software easy to install.

3:26 - Going to do taxes. Has everything together.

Evan asks about the "planning" the active group in the Triangle Wiki are doing, if they are meeting and not creating content.

Logo, outreach, mission. Cautious about startup.

Evan asks about Software update vs. understanding community editing - are these people running open, or do they view them as "their blog".

Most seem to get it, there are some who are doing it formally, some doing it more chaotically, like Davis Wiki.

William - Asks why passwords were used.

Philip replies that there was not a password on the Denton site. Then states that there was one on the home page only, to deter casual use because the software was "janky".

Evan asks about redesign and if the focus presented will remain as it has been planned.

Redesign of LW.o is still focused on current plans of bringing in new communities slowly.

William asks about Kickstarter

MI and PN reply that they are going to send an email update. They are concerned about making sure there is an active local presence in whatever community is chosen by a poll. One of the two asks for suggestions.

3:47p - Meeting motioned, seconded and adjourned en masse.