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  1. Philip Neustrom

  2. Graham Freeman

  3. Arlen Abraham

  4. Matt Hampel

  5. Evan Edwards

  6. Reid Serozi

  7. Mike Ivanov

Start time 2013-02-18 18:03 PST

Philip talking about filling board seats and term lengths. Thinks it makes sense for 1yr terms.

Motion to suspend bylaws for this call, elect for one year terms.

Philip explains board seats vs. officers according to bylaws.

Philip reads Chairperson section.

Philip’s interpretation: Chairperson responsible for calling/running meetings, corralling the board.

Philip reads Vice-Chairperson section.

Philip reads President section.

Philip reads Secretary and Treasurer sections.

Treasurer probably shouldn’t do actual bookkeeping, but it’s an official position that goes on taxes, etc. Jason Hirschel is our bookkeeper atm.


Reid introduces himself, talks about goals.

Matt introduces himself, talks about goals as a board member.

Philip talks about his goals for the board/wiki spot.

Graham expresses desire to continue to support wiki spot, does not want officer position, but would run for board.

Mike recently left paid position at wikispot. Looking forward to continuing to help board.

Evan dubious about running for board, although still supports/will support project. Probably not going to run, though willing to support.

Arlen talks about wanting to fundraise, diversify.


Philip nominates Mike, Graham seconds. No objections. Mike elected with 1 year term.

Philip nominates Mike, Arlen seconds. No objections. Reid elected with 1 year term.

Philip nominates Matt, Evan seconds. No objections. Matt elected with 1 year term.

Philip nominates Arlen, Mike seconds. No objections. Arlen elected with 1 year term. (woo hoo!)

Philip nominates Graham, Mike seconds. No objections. Graham elected with 1 year term.

Evan nominates Philip, Mike seconds. No objections. Philip elected with 1 year term.


  1. Mike

  2. Reid

  3. Matt

  4. Arlen

  5. Graham

  6. Philip



  1. President/ED: Graham nominates Philip, Mike seconds. No objections.

  2. Chairperson: Philip notes that this person should be responsible for running meetings. Arlen says he’d take the responsibility. Graham nominates Arlen, Philip seconds. No objections. Arlen elected Chairperson.

  3. Secretary (can also be treasurer). Philip notes that this person is responsible for taking notes, posting them publicly after being approved. Custodian of corp. documents (most of which are digital). Matt says he’d take on the role, or wait. Note that he’s not in SF that often. Mike says he’d take the secretary position. Philip nominates Mike. Arlen seconds. No objections. Mike is secretary.

  4. Treasurer. Philip explains duties of treasurer. Graham nominates Mike, Philip seconds. Evan notes that we’ll need to notify the Secretary of State upon election of a new treasurer. Philip notes that we should probably get board liability insurance. No objections, Mike is now treasurer.


  1. ED: Philip Neustrom

  2. Chairperson: Arlen Abraham

  3. Secretary: Mike

  4. Treasurer: Mike

Philip notes Wants to move it to new software. Philip notes mailing list, plans on changing the setup, adding new members.

Matt has questions, will email.

Evan notes his ongoing support.

Philip asks about preferred meeting format/medium. Graham notes that he likes ZipDX because it calls you, forcing timeliness. Evan (?) notes that google hangouts can call out. Reid notes that he uses hangouts for stuff in Raleigh, likes it.

Reid asks for 30 funding breakdown. Philip just got back from Miami, has lots of leads. Question of if we get money, how do we spend it ensuring a successful project? Notes large mobile proposal → smaller fund? Will chat later this week or next week.

Arlen in charge of scheduling next meeting in the next two weeks.

Arlen moves to adjourn, Mike seconds.