Old business

  1. Approval of minutes

  2. Finances

    1. Payroll update?

  3. Board recruitment check-in

  4. Taxes update

  5. Sec of State Filing due mid-March. Did this happen? - arlen todo

  6. Board Insurance -- status update

New business

  1. Fundraising & community foundations

    1. Status update (Philip)

    2. Concrete tasks for the Board? (Matt)

    3. Strategy brainstorm (Matt)

  2. Ramp-up timeline (Philip)

    1. When do we make the Community/etc hire?

    2. Do we want to make one new hire or two?

  3. Community/etc job description discussion (Philip)

  4. Executive Director employee-ness (Philip)

  5. PR brief / overview (Matt)

    1. What is our strategy? What can the board do to help?

    2. Do we have standard language? Press package? 



Present via Google Hangout

  • Philip Neustrom
  • Arlen Abraham
  • Matt Hampel
  • Reid Serozi
  • Mike Ivanov

Start time 2013-03-18 18:36 PST

Arlen calls meeting to order.

Approval of minutes. No comments. Minutes approved.

Arlen asks about payroll. Philip says there is no update, will depend on grant project timeline, and he will ask Jason Herschel.

Board recruitment check-in. Matt, Philip, Reid discuss a possible board nominee. Everyone discusses requirements for board members.

Arlen asks about Secretary of State filing. Philip says it hasn’t been filed yet. Arlen will do it.

Arlen asks for the board insurance update. Reid needs some additional information. Philip and Mike will fill in.

New business. Fundraising and community foundations.

Philip talks about connecting with community foundations and figuring out where the fundraising opportunities are sooner rather than later. Emailed 200 foundations, got 30 responses so far, has several ongoing conversations. Knight Community Information Challenge is a matching program that opens up May 1 and would be good to pursue. Many possibilities but very time/labor intensive. Important to decide what we would do with funding. Matt suggests having a “menu” of services/projects for different grant amounts, with prepared budgets.

Philip says we should also keep an eye on large foundation grant cycles. Might need a better tool to keep on top of this. Matt and Philip will discuss when Matt is in SF.

Reid asks about the question of what we would do with more funding. Philip says it’s important to be ready to use the money and not just spend it. Avoid appearance of inaction/failure.

Arlen asks about executive director employee-ness. Philip says we need to figure out payroll, logistics, employment agreement, and timeframe. April 1 with Philip/May 1 with second employee? Is there an advantage to waiting to hire? Also need to figure this out for office space/desks. Consensus is that Philip should be starting April 1.

Arlen asks about outreach coordinator job. Philip discusses what we’re hiring for, essentially many different jobs, should we hire more than one person? We should see who we get for candidates. We can hire interns but management would be a lot of work. Would make sense to do that once we have a community outreach person.

Arlen asks about timeline and next steps. Philip says we should announce project, figure out payroll, etc, before putting out job announcement.

Arlen asks if there is any other business.

Arlen motions to adjourn. Matt seconds. Meeting adjourned at 19:38.