Old Business

  1. Approval of 2013-03-18 minutes

New Business

  1. Officer reports:

    1. Finance update -- Mike? (10m --pn)

    2. ED update -- Philip (5min --pn)

  2. New admin/organization/semi-board site: -- pn (2m)

  3. Matt’s update/report idea (5mins -- aa)

  4. non-local forking? (10mins -- aa)

  5. Applied-for grant status updates:

    1. Shuttleworth update -- (5min --pn)

  6. In-progress grant proposals:

    1. Sloan update -- READ THIS (10mins -- aa)

    2. Sunlight update -- doc here -- (5 min --pn)

  7. Davis Launch (10mins -- aa)

  8. Closed session:

    1. New employee update (10mins -- aa)

  9. Graham absentee (5min -- pn)

  10. Board recruitment (5min -- pn)

  11. Board of Advisors? (5min -- pn)

  12. Any other business


Present via Google Hangout:

  • Arlen Abraham

  • Mike Ivanov

  • Philip Neustrom

  • Matt Hampel

  • Reid Serozi

Start time 2013-07-21 13:05 PDT

Arlen calls meeting to order.

Approval of previous meeting’s minutes. Unanimously approved.

Mike gives a financial update. Philip adds some background information. Priority is to get a budget process on track by the next board meeting. Mike will take point.

Philip gives a project update. Created new Managing Director position. Philip is starting to delegate things that previously only he could do. Started an internship program and so far accepted one intern doing software development. Finally have a working DavisWiki test import and implemented missing features that DavisWiki relies on. Materials are ready to go to announce project this week.

Philip talks about new admin site found at to be used for posting documents publically.

Arlen asks about Matt’s update report idea. The consensus is for board members to give monthly updates.

Philip gives an update on his Shuttleworth fellowship application.

Philip talks about the Sloan Foundation letter of intent.

Philip talks about the Sunlight Foundation OpenGov Grant.

Philip talks about what else needs to be done before DavisWiki can launch on the new platform.

Philip motions for a closed session off the record. Matt seconds. No one opposed.

[Start closed session]

[End closed session]

Philip asks whether we want to have board meetings open to the public. Consensus is it makes sense to get more people involved with the organization but not clear the right way to do this. Issue is tabled for now.

Philip motions to remove Graham from the board due to recent absenteeism. Matt seconds. No one is opposed. Graham is formally removed from the board.

Philip talks about getting new board members. We need nominees.

Philip summarizes next steps. Mike to set up finance/budget process. Need board nominees. Schedule next meeting in one month.

Philip discusses the idea of setting up a board of advisors. Consensus is it is an interesting idea and may help the organization. Philip will work on a plan for an advisory board and suggest potential candidates.

Arlen asks if there is any other business. There is no other business.

Arlen motions to adjourn the meeting. Matt seconds. No one opposed.

Meeting adjourned at 14:21 PM.