Note: we have a corporate calendar. Email [email protected] for an invite. An invite was sent to [email protected] 2010-4

Every year, we need to file:

Annual Paperwork

  • Jan ?? - California - "Statement of Information" to the California Secretary of State

  • March 15 - Federal - Form 990 to the IRS

  • March 15 (plus 7 months auto extension) - California — Form 199

  • January Board Meeting - required by bylaws

    • Annual acknowledgment of Conflict of Interest policy (required by bylaws)


  • DONE: On Time (date?) - Statement of Information to the California Secretary of State - Payment confirmation: si_form_payment_confirm_2010.pdf

  • Does this mean that the 990 and CA return are still due? When?

    • I believe they're due within five months of the end of our fiscal year, which would put the date at 28 February. - BL

  • 2010-02-16 - January Board Meeting (delayed to allow for grant information at Philip's request)