Board of Directors (current)

Philip Neustrom, Executive Director

Philip Neustrom is a software engineer in the San Francisco Bay area. He co-founded in 2004. For the past several years he has worked on a variety of nonprofit efforts to engage everyday citizens. He oversaw the development of the popular, the world's largest coordinated video documentation project, and was the lead developer at Citizen Engagement Laboratory, a nonprofit focused on empowering traditionally underrepresented constituencies. He is a graduate of the University of California, Davis, with a bachelor's in Mathematics.

Mike Ivanov, Treasurer

Mike Ivanov is a software engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area. He previously worked at Palo Alto Research Center. In 2004 he co-founded the Davis Wiki, the world's largest and most active community wiki. He is a graduate of UC Davis, with a BS in Mathematics and a minor in Managerial Economics.

Arlen Abraham, Board Chair

Arlen Abraham is a problem solver/industrial designer/mechanical engineer working in San Francisco. He previously worked at Nikolas Weinstein Studios where he helped engineer/fabricate/install architectural scale, commissioned, glass sculptures across the world. He started contributing to the Davis Wiki in 2004 while earning his BS in Food Science & Technology from UC Davis and has been a part of the Local Wiki movement ever since. In his free time he enjoys bicycling, climbing, camping, backpacking, motorcycling, photography, and other stereotypically Californian hobbies. He would like to get better at surfing.

Reid Serozi

Reid Serozi is a self-described civic-minded geek, community organizer, and public servant with a knack for DIY projects in Raleigh, North Carolina. He has been putting his passion for civic engagement and technology to good use as a Code for America Brigade Captain and helps plan the annual CityCamp NC event. By day, he’s a Data Solutions Architect for Socrata, a Seattle-based cloud software company focused exclusively on democratizing access to government data. By night, he's a family man with many hobbies, including sailing and long distance running. He also spends his free time leading the open source LocalWiki project in the Triangle region.

Matthew Hampel

Matt Hampel has worked with nonprofits, newspapers, universities, and other organizations to build tools for the public good. He's a co-founder and CFO of LocalData, a civic startup that makes it easy for organizations and cities to collect and manage data. In 2012, he was a Code for America Fellow at the City of Detroit. His team made public information more public and helped residents engage with the city through technology. Previously, he worked as a technology project manager at the University of Michigan.


2010 Board

  • Philip Neustrom, Executive Director

  • Brent Laabs, Chair

  • Arlen Abraham, Treasurer

  • Graham Freeman, Vice Chair

  • Evan Edwards

  • Jason Aller, Secretary

  • William Lewis

  • Mike Ivanov

  • Vacant (1)

2009 Board

For incorporation needs, Philip has been filed as CEO (Executive Director), Brent as CFO and Secretary. At the first board meeting, these can change.

The initial board was composed of:

  • Brent Laabs

  • Paul Harms

  • Philip Neustrom

  • Arlen Abraham

  • Graham Freeman

  • Evan Edwards

  • Jason Aller

See 2009 Board for more info.

Former Board Member Profiles

Graham Freeman (2009-July 2013)

Both as a volunteer and as a Board member, Graham has done an incredible amount of good for our organization and movement.  As a Board member and former Chair, Graham helped us organize meetings, navigate bureaucracy, and calm sometimes tense debates.  Most importantly, Graham inspired us.  When we were just a few kids with a big idea, it was Graham who encouraged us to fully pursue our vision and build an organization.  From lending us the classic non-profit “nolo” book to bringing Philip to the non-profit bootcamp, Graham helped us find the resources to make this all happen.  Without Graham’s guidance, trust and time there’s no doubt we wouldn’t be where we are today.


Brent Laabs (January 2009-August 2010)

As Chair for two years, Brent scheduled and ran our Board meetings. His background in student politics at UC Davis allowed him to manage our meetings with the experience of someone familiar with sometimes silly-sounding governance procedure. Brent was with us at our first official board meeting in 2009. Over the next year, Brent helped make sure our sometimes daunting incoporation and tax-exempt process happened. It was Brent who stepped up and took the initiative to make our tax-exempt paperwork actually happen. Without Brent stepping up to the challenge and getting our paperwork filled out and filed, we wouldn't be where we are today.

Letter of recognition.


Jason Aller (January 2009-August 2010)

Jason served on the Board from our initial meeting in January of 2009 until August 2010. During the 2010 year, Jason was our Secretary, transcribing and formatting our meeting minutes.

Ashley Hamidi (January 2009-February 2010)

Ashley served on the Board from our initial meeting in January of 2009 until Feburary 2010. During that time, she was our Secretary, transcribing and formatting our meeting minutes.


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