Letter of Recognition

I would like to personally recognize Brent for his Board service over the past two years, both as a member and as Chair.

As a volunteer, Brent has spent innumerable hours helping write documentation, assist people new to our projects, debug our wikispot.org software, and generally helped with whatever he could.

As Chair for two years, Brent scheduled and ran our Board meetings. His background in student politics at UC Davis allowed him to manage our meetings with the experience of someone familiar with sometimes silly-sounding governance procedure.

Brent was with us at our first official board meeting in 2009. Over the next year, Brent helped make sure our sometimes daunting incoporation and tax-exempt process happened.

I distinctly remember a point, shortly before we filled out our tax-exempt paperwork, where the future of the organization was dark.
I had been working nearly non-stop for the previous several years on the software, often at the expense of my personal and professional
life, and had reached a point of absolute personal burn-out. I knew I could push forward myself and get our incorporation and tax-exempt paperwork done, but I thought "you know, if this is going to be an organization — more than just me — I need to know there's people aside from me who really want to do this."

And it was Brent who stepped up and took the initiative to make our tax-exempt paperwork actually happen. Without Brent stepping up to the challenge and getting our paperwork filled out and filed, we wouldn't be where we are today.

Philip Neustrom
Executive Director
LocalWiki / Wiki Spot