The Code for America Summit this year is September 23-25.  These are notes on LocalWiki's (collective) presence there.

Notes from last year (semi-private link). 

Demo table

We'll have some kind of demo table on the first day (23rd).  "Civic tech fair" I believe?  Becca Blazak <[email protected]> is contact for this.  Will have a monitor.

Philip made this thing that's great to leave playing in a browser tab on the computers at the table:  You can also get to the random tour via the Explore page of a LocalWiki region, but that link is for the global random tour.  Will require Internet access.

We should make sure we have a bunch of LocalWiki stickers. (Vicky has many + Oakland Wiki stickers)

Flyer to print out (color on a nice printer [fedex kinkos?], maybe 30 copies? (Vicky will do this, as well as print out a banner with the logo.)