Wellington Station is a Condominium Association located on Hand Avenue at the Corner of Nova Road.   The Community features two historic Rail-Cars, one is a Southern Railways coach (#1003) built by PC&M in 1927, known as a  "Heavyweight Streamliner", the other and much more popular is the "Bamboo Grove" Observation car (truck (chassis) #3300) that belongs to the famous "City of Miami"  which was a Illinois Central rail line, this line ran 1940 through 1971 from Chicago to Miami every three days.

The cars were owned by W. O. "Bill" Savage, owner of A.R. Savage & Son, in Tampa, Florida. He had purchased a number of train cars, including these two, with the intention of building a train museum,.However, when he died in 1982, plans changed, and the property was sold to developers, who, in turn used the assets located on the property.  Intended to be a 200 plus unit condominium complex featuring several common elements to bring social activity, over the years and economic downturns during development portion of the property was sold to the "Prince of Peace" church and the complex developed into a 72 Unit complex featuring the Clubhouse with attached Club Cars, large pool, racquetball court, plentiful parking, and large shade trees bringing atmosphere.

The Association is currently going through scheduled renovations, upon completion attention will be turned back over to the Streamliner Club Cars for renovations and viewing.  Imagine being able to take a family member back in time in a historic train car that they once rode in as a child, what a special gift that would be.  Recently, the heavyweight passenger car received a proper painting, and the Bamboo Grove in its painted back to its original color scheme of sweeping curves  and is kept fresh receiving regular maintenance to the exterior.

If you or a loved one have any experiences and or pictures please feel free to contact the property as they are interested in having more personal history attached to the Illinois Central, City of Miami Bamboo Grove observation car.