-Born and raised in Oroville Ca. We have a few local legends that are more history than fictional. The Chinese tunnels are indeed true to exist and I have a few stories from the older generations on that. Although a more eerie proposal is the rumored “pagan castle” or pagan cathedral church somewhere hidden deep in the Forrest of Cherokee on a vacant stretch of winding road, not many have heard of it but those who know it to exist tell all vaugly similar tales. The first I heard when I was 14 from a homeless man named Tim Woods, me and a few friends were living in tents in the old olive orchard because it was summer and we were no good hood rats who’s parents could care less about us and more about drugs. Anyways he’d offered to share some fire and a tale with us. He began with some nonsense about the tunnels which we all hear from time to time. But since no one besides orovillians know the story here it goes, the tunnels were built for the Chinese to work, travel and live through oroville around time the Dam was constructed. Oroville was home to many brothels and the “richer” or upperclass who owned most of the town, also owned brothels and extensive lavish houses. So sex workers, maids etc. used the tunnels to make their routes without being seen entering the residence of these esteemed individuals, if that makes any sense? Most the homes were owned by the Wilcox, and one house I have seen still has a trap door that you can open with stairs that lead to a cement wall, I mean there’s a lot of houses with entry points but they’ve most been sealed off. Shops downtown have been rumored to also have doors that go underground. Anyway the story is kinda foggy here because I’ve heard different versions, one the tunnels got flooded and instead of sending help we just sealed them off and the survivors if any had been left to eat the remains of the  dead and rats or bugs to stay alive, some say to this day there is a 3rd generation trapped beneath the surface, never seen light or felt breeze upon their skin. Other stories were that Chinese got sick so we sealed them off or even rock slides happened and closed off exit ways. But all of them being that ALOT of people died. Anyways this homeless guy told us that the souls in the tunnels were released and set upon this land to curse us, this was the reason everyone in our town is plagued with addictions and depressions, why there’s so much crime, and once why you’re here you will always return. The next story he told was the pagan castle, church, cathedral whatever you want to call it. there was a girl who came up missing because her dad or uncle owed something to the people who practice the dark arts. And once Tim and a few other men heard they went out to find the girl, he explained the crazy path through the Forrest and once he reached the steps the church doors he swung it open to see a satanic ritual taking place multiple young women being raped and killed by people in black robes so they fought and he said they had a few girls who were able to run with them to get away but once he reached the beginning of the path he turned to see behind if they been followed by anyone but they all vanished into thin air, he turned again and woke up to be tucked in bed like it was all a dream. Now I thought he was on a trip, but I asked my aunt and she told me there really is a satanic cult in Cherokee and it’s made up of the local government, and local lawyers or attorneys (mike Ramsey) for those of you who are close to home . And I guess they have what they call a breeding pit where a bunch of women are just kept to rape and give birth for ritual purposes but every once in a while they need new blood or a pure child to place in it when the offspring start having too many deformities. Another family friend told me they preform rituals at the equinoxes and on hallows eve, yule, and some other pagan holiday I forget...


Undated: A woman is supposedly murdered in Cherokee during the  1800s, leading to the Cherokee cemetery becoming haunted. 

Downtown Oroville is claimed to have a network of underground tunnels below it. These are claimed to have been built by the local Chinese community during the 19th and 20th centuries.
A statue of a woman in the cemetery on the west-side of Feather River blvd is rumored to squeeze people's hands on a full moon.

October 20, 1930: A death-row prisoner, William Kogut, commits suicide in San Quentin death row by making a pipe bomb out of playing cards. He was in prison for murdering Mayme Guthrie, an Oroville rooming house and brothel owner.

July 12, 1969: A man named Charles Jackson claims to see an "ape-like creature" near his home on Cherokee Road.