Inside the town’s Public Safety building, posted on the wall, is a vision statement on celebrating diversity.    And it's meant!

Like other towns such as UC Davis ( and Santa Cruz (, Orting celebrates it’s own memorable citizens who add fun and spice to it’s community.  

To quote UC Davis:  “Rock on, characters — you're the people who will be remembered long after the nondescript faces walking along the sidewalk are forgotten!”




Miss Connie:   Frequently seen in the town park waving at or singing for passer-byes.   She particularlylikes Bandito bikersand logging truckers. Her cheerfulness reminds one of this caring story:    







Toy Piano Lady:  She is elusive, but can occasionally be seen entertaining diners at the Los Palamos mexican restaurant.   If anyone knows any additional information about her, please post it here.    







Christmas Tree Peasant:   Though he is not in Orting proper, he can be seen every week at the corner of 162 and Military Rd, across from the Christmas tree farm.  He is always very friendly and accepts gifts from others.




Red Hat Hillbillies:   Every autumn, since the 1950, the good men and women of Orting come out in their red hats for the annual parade, potty chair race, and Hunter's Breakfast!        












Golf carts:   You see them around town, the few who enjoy the unique benefit of being an electric city (one of the few in the nation).   At last count, there are about 20 vehicles registered.    Here is the ordinance for them.





Daffodil Clowns:    Every spring they come out with all the fun of a twirly hat -- if you still don't love them, you've lost your kid's heart!