Orting believes in it’s teens!  Our small town has even created a US Olympic champion and Mensa winner.

According to national teen crime expert Father Greg Boyle, “Nothing stops a bullet like a job.”   Nationwide, 15 million youth  between the ages of 16 and 24 are not prepared for sufficient‐wage employment today.  Teens without work are more likely to live in poverty and conduct crimes out of necessity or idleness. 

Requirements for postings here are:   be of legal age to work in WA;  have parental approval (confirmed by hiring adult); and perform all tasks in a professional and safe manner.  And of course a simple login-in.

Note:  Please remember to remove any additions promptly in order to avoid unnecessary contacts.   


Work Offered

Example:  Jason, age 17, two years of wood shop, available M-F after 3pm, open Saturdays, jgee(at)email.com




Positive Practices

  1.  Commercial businesses should abide by State labor laws:  http://lni.wa.gov/workplacerights/teenworkers/
  2. All work should include a fair wage -- remember when you were young.
  3. Gloves, knee-pads, eye protection, proper clothing, sunscreen, and other safety steps should be followed.  
  4. “Being on time means being late” -- suggest teens show up early out of respect.
  5. The safety of vulnerable children and adults should be considered at all times:   http://www.nsopr.gov/en-us/Education/CommonQuestions#answer-07
  6. Keep medications in locked locations  (#1 way that drugs are introduced to schools)
  7. Keep firearms in a locked location.
  8. Provide opportunities for compassionate breaks and lunch, as applicable.
  9. If work was conducted in a high-quality manner, provide a “Letter of Reference” to departing teen -- remember when you were building your own resume.
  10. Teens should arrive at jobs professionally dressed:   not provocative clothing or low-hanging pants.   Deodorant should also be worn.
  11. If further services are needed, the hiring adult will reach out to the teen again.
  12. If at any time a teen feels that a job is unsafe, or that a request is unreasonable, they should feel confident in informing the hiring adult or their parents.
  13.  Teens should restrict phone activity to breaks -- phones should be kept in a backpack or car otherwise.  Ignoring this area is a common reason for not being asked back.
  14. Work payments should be agreed upon in advance, and be payed promptly -- per week or per day is recommended.  
  15.   Adults should remember that they are not simply providing a job, but creating an opportunity for personal development.   Invest in young hearts and minds!
  16.   Teens should provide all their own tools, unless told otherwise -- their own lawnmower, babysitting games, etc. 
  17.   Teens are expected to provide their own transportation to and from work sites.
  18.  Teens should bring any lunch or snacks with them each day.







Work Needed

Example:  Need a walker for two small dogs, one hour each Saturday, near Rainbow Meadows, tammy(at)yahoo.com









Citizen Kudos

Example:  A shout-out to jgee for his excellent work last month!   He arrived promptly each day, and worked hard.  Recommended.







    Historical Notes:

    The impetus for this page evolved from an idea by Councilman Drennen at a Feb 26, 2014 public meeting.