Mooney's Bay in autumn, pictured by "Pepper"(CC BY-SA 3.0).

Mooney's Bay Park is located along the Rideau River in Ottawa, near Carleton University. It can be accessed from Riverside Drive or from Hog's Back Road. Mooney's Bay Park is a popular spot in the summer to go swimming, rowing, play volleyball, or picnic. It has a children's playground, and is the site of the Terry Fox Stadium.

Fun facts about Mooney's Bay (courtesy of Wikipedia):

Mooney's Bay is an artificial bay on the Rideau River. The Bay was created during the construction of the Rideau Canal. A dam and set of locks were constructed to bypass the rapids in the location of the Hogs Back Falls. This created a widened area of the river, suitable for boating.

Mooney's Bay was named after three generations of Mooneys who held the position of Lockmaster at Narrows Lock covering 87 of the first 112 years of the lock's history.

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