Named after the original Hero, a 125-ft wooden sail boat that served as the original research and supply vessel for Palmer Station. An inlet of water between Bonaparte and Gamage Points. Abbreviated HEI in the sign-out. Started as a small basin, steadily increased in size as the glacier has retreated.

Access is restricted under ASMA from 1 October to 15 April, extended from the foot of the glacier to the Trolley crossing. Going far into the inlet would not be safe due to glacier calving, but the area is mostly limited on behalf of the skuas nesting on Bonaparte Point who are disturbed by boat noise.

Frequent dive site. Why?

A structure of some sort has been seen underwater... people suspect the old Rock Crusher that Navy Seabees used when first building Palmer Station in the 1960s. It may have been either lost or intentionally junked by pushing it into the inlet without any official record. Still, the existence of this structure has yet to be confirmed by scientific divers.