Demographics tell a story about a people, in a place, at a time - for us it is the people of Pawtucket.An interesting part of the story of Pawtucket is told by the Native Americans who were here before, the founders who started Pawtucket, the influxes of immigrants that came to Pawtucket, and those that have left for other climes, opportunities, passions, or people.Demographics also tell us something about the economic story of Pawtucket, how its people fared from its industry, education, and good fortunes.As of July 1, 20081, Pawtucket had 71,765 people, down from the 72,958 people the 2000 Census found.See also Geography, History and other links within our text.

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The People

Native Americans

The Narragansetts occupied most of Rhode Island and parts of neighboring states before the first settlers came to the Pawtucket area.

In the 2000 census there were only 210 people identified as Native American.

Early Settlers




The Census

The United States Census is a constitutionally mandated program and it occurs every 10 years. The next U.S. Census will occur in 2010. More information can be found at the Pawtucket City fact-sheet.

2010 Census

2000 Census



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