The project called for a hotel to be built on Division Street near the intersection of School St. After years of no movement a sign was posted in 2007 announcing the opening of a Hampton Inn in 2008. Some site work was accomplished in 2007. Work stopped in 2008 and the site has laid dormant ever since. The City is considering taking the property back as the timeframe for the completion of the hotel has lapsed.

A photo by DabucketJohn taken 8/14/09

Greater Providence has a good article and discussion on this ongoing Pawtucket project.

9/22/2009 Update

The City has exercised it’s right to reclaim the property from Division Street Hotel LLC (DSH) and title to the property has officially been transferred back to the City of Pawtucket. Mayor Doyle filed an affidavit to this effect on September 14th, 2009 after the City Council passed a resolution calling for the Mayor to exercise its right to reclaim title of the property.

It is expected the developer, Carpionato Properties, will challenge the taking of the title.

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